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iwantajeep Fund

Welcome to the ‘iwantajeep’ portion of the site.

As displayed on my site, I post news about cheep Jeeps for sale, that are practically steals. At the same time, a lot of these Jeeps are abused and perhaps abandoned. I feel helpless as I cannot buy any of these vehicles and put the tender love n’ care that they need.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Jeep Wranglers, particularly brown YJs. I have decided to try promoting an ‘iwantajeep’ fund, where dedicated visitors of the site could donate any spare cash to help me on the journey of buying one of the abused Jeeps on my site. I will have to make a confession; I do not have a lot of cash due to college being a money vacuum. This is why I took a gamble and decided to make this fund. I can only hope it gets off its feet!

If I get enough cash, you guys will have an input in which Jeep I should buy, what mods I should implement, and what color the vehicle should be. I would post pictures of the restoration in progress. The goal is to build fully functional Jeep, in which I could attach a snow plow and go around plowing people’s driveways for free, just to give back to my community.


Any donation will sincerely be appreciated!


4 Responses to “iwantajeep Fund”

  1. […] free to donate to the, iwantajeep fund. Any donation would be put into a piggy bank and will be eventually used to ‘rescue’ a abused […]

  2. I like your blog post, keep on writing this great material! I’ll make sure to follow up on your blog in the future.

  3. Mark said

    This has got to be the worst site I’ve ever seen. Not just the design, but the content and usability.

    • Jeepsman said

      I do not mind criticism, in fact, I love it. But, providing nothing constructive with your criticism makes your reply fairly pointless. Mind expanding, in detail, what you mean? Thank you.

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