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Looking for Moderators and Writers

Posted by Jeepsman on January 12, 2010

I am currently looking for people who are willing to help spread the word and moderator the new JeepforSale forums:

Along with that, I am also looking for people who are willing to write JeepforSale post, my only recommendation is that you are not from Illinois. That way, we can get an interest from those who do not live in the same state as I.

If interested, feel free to reply.

PS, I’ll keep the “IWantAJeep Fund” tab up a little longer. Today, someone clicked the button and got me excited. I thought someone was going to donate!


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A New Addition

Posted by Jeepsman on January 10, 2010

While revising whether or not I should discontinue ‘JeepforSale’ due to the lack of interest, I thought of an idea to help bring interest to those who are not from the Midwest. It’s simple, add a forum. Here, people from all over the world can post in numerous categories in which their state resides in, such as the North West, Great Lakes, and more! Each forum category includes a sub-category of Jeeps for Sale, where users can post their Jeeps for sale, Parts for Sale, and Wanted, where you can place an ad for Jeeps or parts wanted.

The rules are fairly simple, do not spam, be respectful, and do not bump your thread if 24 hours have yet to pass since your last post. I proudly present the forums:

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The Launch

Posted by Jeepsman on December 28, 2009

I am proud to announce the release of my site!

To understand what exactly is going on, please visit the about section. Essentially, I created a site in which I will display cheep Jeeps I have found across the web, particularly in Illinois.

Feel free to donate to the, iwantajeep fund. Any donation would be put into a piggy bank and will be eventually used to ‘rescue’ a abused Jeep.

I hope my site will bring joy to those who are in love with Jeeps, have fun!

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