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The Mind of Ryan: 3

Posted by Jeepsman on January 9, 2010

My views per day have substantially dropped to zero, for the past two days. That, along with the lack of buyers for my domain names for sale is fairly disappointing. I love posting information about Jeeps, but I feel as if I am throwing away my time now. I spend time searching for Jeeps, uploading images, and providing detail. Only to receive no comments thus far. I will assume people happen to come across my blog and then immediately leave. As said previously, the lack of comments does not help. I would assume I have no dedicated reader.

Domain-wise, I bought yet another domain name, the term has around 25 million Google Results. Thus, leaving me with 3 domain names: (Newest Domain Bought) (First Domain Name I have ever Bought) (Bought from a Reseller, only for $12.00)

I have received a few offers, but none were in the range of what I was hoping for. I also go back to college today, so there goes the idea of getting a vehicle to help me obtain a job. It would near impossible for me to purchase a Jeep while I’m at college, register everything, and then buy a parking space. For those who are not up to date, the only jobs available are off campus, making it near impossible for me to obtain such a job. I wanted to buy a $1000 Jeep Wrangler to help me get back and forth.

I will probably remove the “IWantAJeep Fund” tab fairly soon, I do not see anyone donating if I have yet to receive a comment. I will continue to post Jeeps for sale this coming week, and then seriously think whether I should be spending my time doing such a task. Perhaps, this time could be better spent doing something more productive? What that thing is, I have no clue, and a job is out of the question. But posting on a blog that does not get comments nor noticed is certainly out of the question, I would assume.

Anyways, it was a fun Winter Break, I cannot wait until spring comes!


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The Mind of Ryan: 2

Posted by Jeepsman on December 31, 2009

As mentioned in the previous post, I found a Jeep Wrangler in great condition, for only $1000. I was excited, but there was and still is one problem, I have no money. This is why I decided to go into the Domain Buying/Selling business. I found two domains yesterday and bought them, one is and the other was, two commonly used names. To my disappointment, was still being used apparently. But still listed it and, for some reason, charged me twice.

I thought to myself, “I will send an email out to Godaddy, and hope that my domain will bring me cash”. So far, I have no bids, so I decided that since I was not busy, it would be a great time to inform you all of the Jeep I am interested in…The Jeep has been sold.

Well, there goes my New Yea’s morning, I lost some money, no bids on my domain, and I let a great Jeep go. Life will go on; I just need a way to make money. Looks like the Jeep for $1500 is still there, I doubt it will not have a buyer by the time I get enough for it.

Happy New Years!

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The Mind of Ryan: 1

Posted by Jeepsman on December 31, 2009

“The Mind of Ryan” will essentially be a series of blog post where I can yet my community know what is currently going on in my life. This may not be weekly.

Well, I have a month long winter break, this I am not use to. Back when I was in high school, winter break was around 2 weeks long. When I came home for Thanksgiving break, I applied for a job at the mall, hoping to gain a little cash as a seasonal worker. In which, I would have used to buy a Jeep. Obviously, that did not turn out well, the place I applied to claimed that they just hired a ton of workers for the holiday. This was the same story for most “openings” around me, thus leaving me jobless during this long winter break.

What makes it worse is that there are no job openings on campus, there are some miles away, but you essentially need a vehicle to get there. As I have mentioned in the “About” you post, I am also a programmer. So, I looked for jobs online in which people were looking for a part-time programmer to work on their game, no luck.

Today, I came across the world of Domain selling/auctioning. There is a ton of cash being made in this “industry” if you come across owning the correct domain. So, I spent the day searching for names that could bring in some cash. I believe I have come across one and I am currently getting it appraised. If an online appraisal calculator is correct, I could be earning around $1000. Which would be perfect, today, I saw a 1990 Jeep Wrangler, great condition, for only $1000! Obviously, I will make a post about this Jeep tomorrow along with what the appraised price of my domain is.

I am crossing my fingers; I just need $1000 so I can purchase this astounding Jeep Wrangler. Ps, I am still always open to donations *points to the iwantajeep fund*

Jeep-wise, I did not find much today, besides the $1000 I previously mentioned. Perhaps, tomorrow will be a better day.

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