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1992 Jeep Wrangler – $1700 (Belmont)

Posted by Jeepsman on January 12, 2010

I still haven’t come across much lately, but I did find this gem.

This is a 4 cylinder 5 speed 1992 Jeep Wrangler. It runs great, and is only $1700. There is not much rust, if any, and the owner also said that there are many new parts on this vehicle. But obviously, you must call to get more information.

I personally think this is a steal, the Jeep looks nearly perfect and it is only $1700. This makes me wonder what hidden problems exist.

I have no clue how to grab interest, I tried to recruit writers and moderators, I created a forum in which people can sell and buy Jeeps, and I even advertise on other sites. Yet, I get no response, perhaps my content is not interesting? Either way, I give up. I wasted my time in creating the forums and this blog. I will most likely post cheep Jeeps for sale if I come across one worthy enough to be displayed. But, it is clear that my attempt to start a community of Jeep enthusiast who are interested in cheep Jeeps failed. Perhaps, people are just not interested in Jeep now?


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Looking for Moderators and Writers

Posted by Jeepsman on January 12, 2010

I am currently looking for people who are willing to help spread the word and moderator the new JeepforSale forums:

Along with that, I am also looking for people who are willing to write JeepforSale post, my only recommendation is that you are not from Illinois. That way, we can get an interest from those who do not live in the same state as I.

If interested, feel free to reply.

PS, I’ll keep the “IWantAJeep Fund” tab up a little longer. Today, someone clicked the button and got me excited. I thought someone was going to donate!

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A New Addition

Posted by Jeepsman on January 10, 2010

While revising whether or not I should discontinue ‘JeepforSale’ due to the lack of interest, I thought of an idea to help bring interest to those who are not from the Midwest. It’s simple, add a forum. Here, people from all over the world can post in numerous categories in which their state resides in, such as the North West, Great Lakes, and more! Each forum category includes a sub-category of Jeeps for Sale, where users can post their Jeeps for sale, Parts for Sale, and Wanted, where you can place an ad for Jeeps or parts wanted.

The rules are fairly simple, do not spam, be respectful, and do not bump your thread if 24 hours have yet to pass since your last post. I proudly present the forums:

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The Mind of Ryan: 3

Posted by Jeepsman on January 9, 2010

My views per day have substantially dropped to zero, for the past two days. That, along with the lack of buyers for my domain names for sale is fairly disappointing. I love posting information about Jeeps, but I feel as if I am throwing away my time now. I spend time searching for Jeeps, uploading images, and providing detail. Only to receive no comments thus far. I will assume people happen to come across my blog and then immediately leave. As said previously, the lack of comments does not help. I would assume I have no dedicated reader.

Domain-wise, I bought yet another domain name, the term has around 25 million Google Results. Thus, leaving me with 3 domain names: (Newest Domain Bought) (First Domain Name I have ever Bought) (Bought from a Reseller, only for $12.00)

I have received a few offers, but none were in the range of what I was hoping for. I also go back to college today, so there goes the idea of getting a vehicle to help me obtain a job. It would near impossible for me to purchase a Jeep while I’m at college, register everything, and then buy a parking space. For those who are not up to date, the only jobs available are off campus, making it near impossible for me to obtain such a job. I wanted to buy a $1000 Jeep Wrangler to help me get back and forth.

I will probably remove the “IWantAJeep Fund” tab fairly soon, I do not see anyone donating if I have yet to receive a comment. I will continue to post Jeeps for sale this coming week, and then seriously think whether I should be spending my time doing such a task. Perhaps, this time could be better spent doing something more productive? What that thing is, I have no clue, and a job is out of the question. But posting on a blog that does not get comments nor noticed is certainly out of the question, I would assume.

Anyways, it was a fun Winter Break, I cannot wait until spring comes!

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1994 Jeep Wrangler – $1000 (Dunning)

Posted by Jeepsman on January 6, 2010

I am sincerely sorry for the lack of post lately, I have not found that many cheep Jeeps. I also have noticed a rise in the number of views I get, it would be great if a few people would comment. Just so I know people find what I post about interesting.

Anyways, I found this Jeep yesterday and if there are no strings, this is a great buy.

This is a 1994 Automatic 4 cylinder Jeep Wrangler. The frame and body is in fair shape with some surface rust. It comes with half doors, but there is no full roof, wiper blade motor, rear seats, or belts. It will also need new tires upon purchase.

The owner is offering front fenders for $125 each, under seat floor pans for $45, a cab roof and rear tanoe cover for $150, and a full sand tan soft top for $200.

Overall, for $1000, this is a vehicle in amazing shape. Heck, for $3000, this is still a great deal. By the way, the pictures were taken during the summer.

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1995 Jeep Wrangler – $1100 (BROWN DEER)

Posted by Jeepsman on January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!

I have yet to sell my domain name, get my money back from the domain, and the $1000 Jeep sold. On the bright side, I’m in the process of buying a domain that could net me $xxxx (the domain is only $12), and I found another cheap Jeep.

I found this Jeep and quickly fell in love; perhaps, it’s due to how cheap it is.

This is a 2.5 L, 4 Cylinder, 5 speed manual transmission Jeep Wrangler. It is considered a “project Jeep” but it runs great. There are stereo extras, 150k miles, and rust on the floors. The semi-major downfall is that the speedometer/odometer is not working. This does not matter much, as it would be a great first task to complete.

Overall, if I had the cash, I would buy this vehicle immediately.

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