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The Mind of Ryan: 2

Posted by Jeepsman on December 31, 2009

As mentioned in the previous post, I found a Jeep Wrangler in great condition, for only $1000. I was excited, but there was and still is one problem, I have no money. This is why I decided to go into the Domain Buying/Selling business. I found two domains yesterday and bought them, one is and the other was, two commonly used names. To my disappointment, was still being used apparently. But still listed it and, for some reason, charged me twice.

I thought to myself, “I will send an email out to Godaddy, and hope that my domain will bring me cash”. So far, I have no bids, so I decided that since I was not busy, it would be a great time to inform you all of the Jeep I am interested in…The Jeep has been sold.

Well, there goes my New Yea’s morning, I lost some money, no bids on my domain, and I let a great Jeep go. Life will go on; I just need a way to make money. Looks like the Jeep for $1500 is still there, I doubt it will not have a buyer by the time I get enough for it.

Happy New Years!


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