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The Mind of Ryan: 1

Posted by Jeepsman on December 31, 2009

“The Mind of Ryan” will essentially be a series of blog post where I can yet my community know what is currently going on in my life. This may not be weekly.

Well, I have a month long winter break, this I am not use to. Back when I was in high school, winter break was around 2 weeks long. When I came home for Thanksgiving break, I applied for a job at the mall, hoping to gain a little cash as a seasonal worker. In which, I would have used to buy a Jeep. Obviously, that did not turn out well, the place I applied to claimed that they just hired a ton of workers for the holiday. This was the same story for most “openings” around me, thus leaving me jobless during this long winter break.

What makes it worse is that there are no job openings on campus, there are some miles away, but you essentially need a vehicle to get there. As I have mentioned in the “About” you post, I am also a programmer. So, I looked for jobs online in which people were looking for a part-time programmer to work on their game, no luck.

Today, I came across the world of Domain selling/auctioning. There is a ton of cash being made in this “industry” if you come across owning the correct domain. So, I spent the day searching for names that could bring in some cash. I believe I have come across one and I am currently getting it appraised. If an online appraisal calculator is correct, I could be earning around $1000. Which would be perfect, today, I saw a 1990 Jeep Wrangler, great condition, for only $1000! Obviously, I will make a post about this Jeep tomorrow along with what the appraised price of my domain is.

I am crossing my fingers; I just need $1000 so I can purchase this astounding Jeep Wrangler. Ps, I am still always open to donations *points to the iwantajeep fund*

Jeep-wise, I did not find much today, besides the $1000 I previously mentioned. Perhaps, tomorrow will be a better day.

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