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Three Cheep Jeeps

Posted by Jeepsman on December 29, 2009

Rarely do I find 3 great deals on Jeep Wranglers and Jeep CJs. Today must be my lucky day!

1979 Jeep CJ7 – $3500 (Batavia)
Although, this Jeep is way out of my price range, I still believe it is a great deal.

This is a 6 cylinder automatic transmission Jeep CJ7. It comes with a plow, new tires, new starter, new alternator, and a new break set up (lines, pads, and rotors). There was a recent paint job 2 months ago, so there could be hidden rust.

Jeep CJ7 – $750 (Orland Park)
I am not too certain what year this vehicle is as I have yet to contact the seller. This is a extremely cheap vehicle, which means there is obviously rust.

This is an all wheel drive 304 automatic transmission Jeep CJ7 that still runs.
(304/2 barrel, turbo 400, 12 bolt rear end, mtr trans drive train)
The vehicle needs floor pans and it has a lot of rust.

1992 Jeep Wrangler – $2500 (Waukesha)
I would love to own this vehicle, in my opinion, it just looks tough. But as stated previous, $2000+ is out of my price range for now.

There is not much information given about this vehicle besides it having a rebuilt motor, new brakes, new starter, new tires, and a ton of other new parts. Apparently, this person needs money for college, so the Jeep must go.


One Response to “Three Cheep Jeeps”

  1. Brent said

    great site.. love what your doing.. i am looking to buy a jeep.. and 2000 is around my price range.. its my first car so i want it to run good and be in farily good condition. i am in the central florida area soo i’, not too sure where youre located but the site helps to know that there are some fairly nice jeeps that have a chep price tag on the m 🙂 thanks

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